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Dr. Niazi selected in Sacramento Magazine’s 2017 Top Doctors

We have some exciting news to share with you. Dr. Niazi has been selected by a vote of his peers to be included in Sacramento Magazine’s 2017 list of Top Doctors. Thousands of votes were cast honoring excellence in the medical field. Inclusion in Top Doctors list is based solely upon one’s standing within their peer group as ascertained by the peer-review surveys.This list will appear in the December 2017 issue of the Sacramento Magazine and online at Dr Niazi is listed as Top Doctor in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery section.


Dr Niazi  completes term as Chief of Staff at Methodist Hospital

Dr Niazi was the Chief of Staff at Methodist Hospital for 2012-2013 term. He also served as the Vice Chief of Staff and Secretary in the 4 years prior to that. During this period, ongoing physician well-being, patient safety and quality of care were the prime motivators for the medical staff leadership.


 Dr Niazi becomes a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Niazi was appointed as an Associate member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in May 2007. In 2011 the Board of Trustees of the AACS voted in Dr Niazi as a Fellow of the Academy for his commitment and care of his cosmetic surgery patients. The organization continues to promote physician CME activities and patient education.


Dr Niazi appointed as Section Editor


In January 2010, Dr Niazi was appointed as Section editor of Body Contouring for the prestigious American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. The position entails review of manuscripts and research to identify information that will benefit physicians in providing better care for their patients. He continues to serve in this capacity to date to promote the best practices and quality of care for patients nationally and internationally.


Consumer Guide Listing

AMERICA’S COSMETIC DOCTORS & DENTISTS: Dr. Niazi has been listed in this consumer guide since 2003. The guide provides guidance to patients considering cosmetic surgery as well as identifying physicians who have provided qualty care over time.


Dr. Niazi interviewed and quoted in Sacramento Magazine

PLAYING IT SAFE. In January 2005, a few local cosmetic surgeons were interviewed  and a multi-paged article was publishedin the Sacramento magazine. This article talked about safety in Cosmetic surgery and excerpts from some of the physicians including Dr Niazi were high-lighted and the gist of the interviews was used to present safety in Plastic Surgery starting with choosing the right physician with the appropriate training and experience to stopping cigarette smoking because of the deletrious effect on tissues and poor outcomes resulting from ischemia and death of tissues.


 Dr. Niazi in HealthLink Magazine

Dr. Niazi has been quoted in numerous articles in the HealthLink magazine over the last few years discussing hand surgery, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures. Each of these articles cover information that benefit the reader in understanding the disease processes and their management. Examples including the ‘Blackberry thumb’ and the use of Microsurgery to reconstruct tissue lost in accidents and/or from cancer extirpation.


Weekend Rejuvenation

Dr. Niazi’s practice offers a multimodality approach to facial and body rejuvenation. Majority of these treatments can be carried out with no downtime or minimal downtime hence being termed the Weekend Rejuvenation procedures. These treatments incorporate the State of the Art Laser and Broad Band pulsed light treatments and dermal fillers which make it easier to resurface the skin or perform micro laser peels with no downtime, perform fractionated laser therapy, tighten skin, remove wrinkles & blemishes, fill deficient areas and remove hair without going under the knife. Neuromodulators like Botox and Xeomen help soften the creases formed by muscle overactivity and help refreash the face.


Dr. Niazi’s Main Office Relocated

Dr Niazi has relocated to his main office as of July 2008. This modern office is conveniently located in the heart of Elk Grove and will continue to provide a comprehensive service of Cosmetic, Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Niazi has over 29 years of experience in the art and practice of Plastic Surgery. The surgical procedures are performed locally at Methodist Hospital, Mercy General Hospital or Mercy Folsom Hospital in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Dr Niazi’s staff is known for their professionalism, helpfulness and courteousness. Dr Niazi and the staff take pride in providing an excellent patient care program and making themselves available for an expedient evaluation and treatment experience for you or your family members.


 Sciton Laser & BBL

Dr Niazi has added the Sciton tunable laser, Fractionated Laser and the Broad Band Light system to his practice and the practice can now provide a full service to its clients ranging from light or microlaser peels to full face resurfacing, correction of lines around the mouth and eyes, improving skin tone and texture, removing skin blemishes, removing hair and tightening skin. This system allows treatment all over the body and the previously non-treatable areas are now accessible for rejuvenation with little or no downtime. The treatments can be done in isolation or as combination of different modalities to achieve the optimal results.