Achieving the Breasts you want

The ongoing debate of the shapelier silhouette always revolves around breasts. Are they big or small, are the two breasts significantly different making the woman look lopsided, and for the one in 8 women, the impact of a loss of a breast due to cancer and does a reconstructed breast make them whole again?

In the quest for the perfect breasts, size matters but proportion is the key as what works for one may not work for another woman. The implant type whether liquid Silicone or Saline or the “Gummy bear” implants or the Structured Saline (IDEAL) implants versus your own body tissue is another debate that rages on. Set up a consultation with Dr Niazi to discuss your options.


Did she or didn’t she?

Another article discusses the attitudes and acceptance of cosmetic procedures in the mainstream and the elite, indeed today, cosmetic surgery is no longer shrouded in secrecy and limited to the rich and famous. It is more accessible and the younger population is utilizing the innovations of today with the less invasive or non-surgical procedures and it has become more mainstream as coloring hair or whitening teeth or going on vacation or leasing a new car. This trend has not gone un-noticed by men and they are jumping into the fray and want a piece of the action. Quite soon we will be saying the same thing about men – Did he or didn’t he?


Dynamic Liquid Facelift

A Dynamic Liquid Facelift/Rejuvenation” – One of the hottest things in Dr Niazi’s practice is the ability to rejuvenate the face especially the central face that usually does not change with the common surgical procedures or in some instances emulates the results of surgical procedures with limited or no down-time. These non-surgical procedures can be a mid face lift with cheek augmentation; nasal base elevation and nasal dorsum augmentationfor a non-surgical rhinoplasty look; correction of the deep Nasolabial folds and the Marionette lines; Elevation of the corners of the mouth; and correction of the jowls by treating the pre-jowl area.


Societal acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Niazi lectured on cosmetic surgery to a physician group and amongst the material presented he quoted a study that showed a positive change in acceptance of cosmetic procedures by society in comparison to 5 years ago. Even though we would hate to be considered just a number as a statistician would have us believe, but these trends are on the rise. Rest assurred, at Dr Niazi’s office, you will be treated as an individual because every patient is given ample time during consultation and treatment.


Are emotions only skin deep?

Dr Niazi gave a lecture regarding recent research on whether emotions are affected by Facial expressions. Two separate researchers performed a study on first time Botox patients and studied their responses and the timing of the responses to certain emotional stimuli. Both the groups reported that there is a slight delay in recognizing negative emotions in this subset of patients, The flip side of this information could be construed as that positive facial expressions may induce positive emotions. We tend to see that our society perpetuates the “happy face” rather than a lack of emotion or facial expression. An interesting concept that definitely requires more research.